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Environment & Climate Change Workshop

RIC Development Botswana (RIC) was privileged to participate and sponsor the 3rd International Research Conference Programme on “Climate Change & The Built Environment” held at Ba Isago University on the 3rd and 4th of October 2019.
As RIC Development, we were inspired to build green buildings in future as this will have a positive effect on the initiative of reducing carbon emissions. We have realized that climate change is a reality that affects everyone. Therefore, we need to take active initiatives in bettering this climate-situation.

RIC’s sponsorship and participation of the event in union with other stakeholders led to a successful gathering whereby the latest academic and research papers in climate change and building design & construction.

Ms Earth Outreach

RIC Development Botswana was active in the quest to make Ms Seneo Perry Ms Earth for the 2019 campaign held at Fairgrounds, Boipuso Hall on the 9th of July 2019.
Through the Ms Earth pageant, finalist Ms Seneo made an initiative to sponsor SOS Children’s Village with a vegetable garden as part of her pageantry project. RIC Development sponsored towards the project to help rejuvenation of SOS children’s village vegetable garden with supplying gardening tools and seeds. Interaction with the beneficiaries (the children) on the day was a delightful encounter.
The project, admired by many, was a great success that even Ms Perry won the title of Best Project at the Ms Earth event. RIC remains humble to have been part of such a great project.